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Helping Javan and His Family Manage His Asthma

On Feb. 17, 2018, Javan Allison took a shower and wrote “help me” on the steamy bathroom mirror with his finger. He was struggling to breathe and having a severe asthma attack. “We took him to the emergency room and they could not get him to breathe,” remembered his mom. “Normally, we would catch his asthma attacks and be in the ER for a couple of hours. This time, he was in the ICU for a week.”

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Javan meets The Breakfast Club

Young Author Writes About Anxiety, ADHD and Asthma

A young boy in Miami Gardens wants kids like him to speak up about their pain and anxiety. He's getting his message out through his published book, Asthma Sucks. The book is one of three books following his struggles with severe asthma, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder....

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The Mayor of Miami Gardens Declares September 29 to be

"Javan Allison Asthma Awareness Day"

On September 5th, 2018

Dr. Gallon M-DCPS District I Board Member, was proud to recognize Javan Allison,  a 5th grade student at Norwood Elementary School for publishing his book entitled The Adventures of Javan and the 3 A’s.

Dr. Gallon gave a well-deserved congratulations to Javan and his family, as well as his principal Dr. Kevin Williams for their support of his growth, talent, and development. On this day, Javan received his very own proclamation from Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

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