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About Javan Allisom

Javan Allison was born 2008 as a premature baby with several complications. As an infant he was diagnosed with heart murmur Bronchitis; which later became Asthma. Between the ages of 1 and 8, Javan had to overcome over 9 surgeries which includes tubes in his ears from a loss of hearing, adenoids removed from lack of breathing in his sleep and more. Since then Javan has been in and out of the hospital and on more than one occasion admitted into ICU. Due to his medical complications Javan was once delayed with his speech and motor skills, which affected him in his education. He later concurred this through therapy and studies. Today he suffers from severe asthma, ADHD and Anxiety. His last Asthma Attack was a near death experience. After making it through, he decided to open up and let the world in by describing how he feels through his writing. Javan has had experience with writing through spending his summers in a writing camp with the “Page slayers.” It motivated him to pursue writing. With the help of his mom and “Tyler Grace Publishing;” Javan co-wrote his three book series children’s book on his disabilities. #AsthmaSucks, ADHD, and Anxiety. Javan describes how he feels and ways to prevent severe attacks all through imaginary adventures. Through these books, Javan is bringing awareness to parents who may not know of how detrimental this illness can be. His goal is to help children understand their disabilities, so they can better communicate how they are feeling. He also wants to help parents in understanding these disabilities from a child’s perspective. Since his first book release, Javan has been recognized by Miami-Dade County School Board with a proclamation, the Mayor of Miami Gardens has proclaimed September 29th to be “Javan Allison Asthma Awareness day and much more through the media and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Because of opening to the world about his 3 A’s, Javan has decided to also become an actor. He is currently taking magnet classes to perfect his skills in acting in hopes of becoming a successful actor. There is so much more to Javan that will come soon.

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